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Chico's Weekly Radio Show
On Warminster Community Radio

WCR Community Radio

Now Available On-line!

The Roots and Roll Show 8-11pm every Monday.

Go to the WCR Website at and click on the Brown Radio.

Hear Classic American Rock 'n' Roll and Pop, Folk, Blues, Country, Americana, Singer/Songwriter etc including local artists and musicians on record as well as occasionally playing live.

Chico's MySpace

I now have a MYSPACE MUSIC page set up which has six songs and two videos featured. Click on the image above to go to my page to watch and hear me perform.

My Gorgeous Guitars

Taylor 812CE
Gibson ES295
Taylor 912

Gretsch G612OW-55
Nashville Western Custom Limited Edition

Different to the regular model which has a laminated top. This has a carved "solid maple" top, 2 vintage Dynasonic Pickups with Alnico Magnets and has a nitrocellulose finish.

Designed and played by my great hero Chet Atkins c.1954/55. The later 1957 Nashville with humped-block fret markers was played by Duane Eddy whose sound first made me want to take up the guitar c. 1958/59.



I find myself drawn to the joy of creating music with others. My first co-writing was with Hilary Souper which resulted in the album Holton/Souper which contains ten very diverse songs. I don't think any of these songs would have seen the light of day as a solo effort. Bouncing throwaway ideas off one another and expanding these snippets was an amazing experience.

Writing one song with Bob Spanburgh in Nashville has whetted my appetite to do more co-writing.

I suppose my ultimate wish would be to write with Roger Cook, who is probably the greatest co-writer of them all.


Bendy Wendy

This is an instrumental track on my album Songs for Sale and was written with Duane Eddy in mind. Back in the late '50s he was the only guitarist in the world. It was Duane and his sound that inspired me to take up the guitar. Duane Eddy and Chet Atkins are the two guitarists that have influenced me the most as a musician.

Listen now Bendy Wendy


My Covers Act

I also perform a solo covers club act of goodtime Rock, Pop and Country of the 50s and 60s with a huge range of songs by Elvis, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams Snr, Eddie Cochran, Jim Reeves, The Everlys, Don Gibson, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ricky Nelson, Dion and the Belmonts and the occasional too good not to play newer songs by Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, Billy Ray Cyrus etc. etc.

The act is lighthearted but the songs are all important. Hopefully good to listen to and fun to dance to. I use a couple of drum machines, a miked up kazoo for a sax and a flat-pick guitar style played on my beautiful all gold Gibson ES295. This guitar is synonymous with Scotty Moore and his early 50s Sun Studio recordings by Elvis.


Member Of:


Nashville Songwriters Association International

Mechanical Copyright Protection Society-Performing Right Society

Affiliated to:

American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers


Nice Words
From Nice People

Welcome back to Chico Holton! How we have missed you down here! Still playing with enviable skill. The local music world owes you a great big thank you. Please come back soon.

-- Third Thursday Templars


A songwriter comfortable in all genre's. Chico is a great finger style guitarist, a lovely personality and the man who will be looking after you as compere for this concert.

-- Priddy Folk Festival 2007


An extremely gifted guitarist, a good singer, a writer of wonderful songs (he's also a superb pen and ink artist - what can't this man do?!) and a genuinely great bloke... and he's just released some of his material onto an "Extended EP", which you can purchase personally from him on 2nd February, when he shall appear at our club to once again pick his way into our hearts. Can't wait!

-- The Newsletter of
The Swindon Folk Singers Club

February 2007


The Wizard of Warminster. Roots songwriter mixing folk, blues, country and jazz.

-- Camelot Acoustic Nights


A Superb singer/guitarist. A favourite with audiences at the Blue Boar Club in Poole.

-- Talbot Village Music Festival


Great singer/songwriter/guitarist.

-- The Acoustic Room
The Albert Inn, Bedminster, Bristol


A superb singer song writer. His guitar style is brilliant combining ragtime and blues.

-- The Old Down Acoustic Club


He is such a talented songwriter and deserves real success. One of my all time favourite songs lyrically is by Chico called "I can't let go". Someone established should record it and introduce his music to a wider audience.

-- Mark Seaman
(Senior Producer/Presenter/Music Manager, BBC Radio Wiltshire)


Gifted Folk, Blues, Country, Jazz Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer.


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