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Roger Cook

I'd like to thank Roger Cook, one of the world's most gifted and prolific songwriters. His friendship, support and enthusiasm of my songwriting has kept me focussed to keep at it. He is an inspiration. It was he who planted the seed which resulted in my trip to Nashville in Feb/March 2002. My big two ambitions on that trip were to sing at the world famous Bluebird Cafe and to visit the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis which would bring to life my song "Gotta Get to Memphis".

I lived both of those dreams and so much more in that trip.

Jan Maier

I met Jan on the flight from Chicago to Nashville. She's a singer/songwriter and performs at concerts and creative choral workshops. She has a beautiful natural voice and has a huge love of music which she shares with everyone. She is a good ambassador of warmth and honesty. If only Jan could be the first person they met on their first trip to the USA or any country in the world.

Bob Spanburgh

Huge thanks to Bob Spanburgh who I met on my second visit to the Bluebird Cafe. We hit it off whilst queuing to go in. Bob and I spent day together picking guitars which culminated in us writing a song together.

He is a phenomenal singer/songwriter and guitarist. A very powerful artist when performing live which I got to see when he invited me to join him at a gig the following night.

Due to the flukes and coincidences of our first meetings I can only assume that we were meant to meet. Hopefully we will write music together again.

Hilary Pavey

I have recently shared a lot of gigs with superb singer/songwriter/guitarist Hilary Pavey. She has a great guitar style, beautiful voice and writes great songs.

Bath Acoustic Club

Meets at The Raven in Queen Street on the first Wednesday of every month 8pm to 11pm. Contact Mary English for more information at

WCR Community Radio

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The Roots and Roll Show 8-11pm every Monday

Hear Classic American Rock 'n' Roll and Pop, Folk, Blues, Country, Americana, Singer/Songwriter etc including local artists and musicians on record as well as occasionally playing live. Click on the Brown Radio to listen!

Chico's MySpace

I now have a MYSPACE MUSIC page set up which has six songs and two videos featured. Click on the image above to go to my page to watch and hear me preform.

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