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Here are all of the recorded albums together with a sample of the songs from each one. Click on the or next to a song to hear a sample of that song.

*See note at bottom of page...

Album Cover
Rock & Roll Guitar:
A seven track extended EP released March 2007

Listen to MP3 sampleRock & Roll Guitar
Listen to MP3 sampleOily Rag
Listen to MP3 sampleCarol's Song
Listen to MP3 sample B-Line Blues
Listen to MP3 sampleI Nearly Made It
Listen to MP3 sample Chetsville Tenn.
Listen to MP3 sample Watch Her Fly


Album Cover
Empty Pocket Blues:
A seven track extended EP released March 2006

Listen to clipEmpty Pocket Blues
Listen to clipRay Croll's Rag
Listen to clipAwry Dome
Listen to clipA Place In The Sun
Listen to clipNever Come Back
Listen to clipFiddly, Diddly, Doodly Thing

Bonus Track:
Listen to clipI can't Let Go (Remix)


Album Cover
Songs For Sale:
A Collection of Demos. Blues, Folk, Country and Ragtime.

Listen to clipTonight
Listen to clipBendy Wendy
Listen to clipGotta Get to Memphis
Listen to clipBobtail Rag
Listen to clipMove on Down
Listen to clipLovers' Lullaby
Listen to clip21st Century Troubadour
Listen to clipI'm Coming Home
Listen to clipRoll Along
Listen to clipI Can't Let Go
Listen to clipEasy Street
Listen to clipReynard's Rag
Listen to clipNobody Seems to Care
Listen to clipDon't Get Dealt the Cards
Listen to clipLittle Dreamer
Listen to clipHeart That Bleeds

Album Cover
Varied Selection of songs co-written with Hilary Souper.
Listen to ClipAnother Day
Suicide Bridge
Listen to clipLet Me
No Orange
Summer's Day
Listen to clipHe Sits
Listen to clipBroken Dreams
Listen to clipI Want Your Love
Hard to Breathe
Album Cover
Pickin' and Lickin':
A cassette (remember those?) compilation of original tracks.

Most tracks on this album have been re-issued or re-recorded on later CD's. The only tracks unique to this cassette are highlighted below.

I Nearly Made It
B-Line Blues
Carol's Song
I can't Let Go
Watch Her Fly

*Sour Grapes
*In Memoriam
Oily Rag
I'm Coming Home
Chetsville Tenn.
Rock & Roll Guitar

*Gonna Keep on Drinkin'
Lovers' Lullaby

Email Chico if you would like to buy any of these recordings. Prices as follows:
Rock & Roll Guitar EEP CD £7
Empty Pocket Blues EEP CD £7
Songs for Sale CD £10
Holton/Souper CD £10
Pickin' and Lickin' Cassette £3
Special Offer: If you buy any CD you get the Pickin' and Lickin' cassette Free!
Packing and Postage Extra £1 for a single CD in the UK. Other cost on application.


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Listen to clip = Real Media Files

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